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Living in Balance


Are you feeling stuck or just out of sorts? Are you looking for emotional support, stress release, support to reach your goals or relief from physical pain? Balancing the relationship between your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects will help you take a quantum leap forward on your life journey and help create optimal health, happiness and a peaceful existence in all facets of your life.





Customized Sessions Just for You


Sessions are designed for each individual at Three Sisters Holistic Health. Many times emotional components are at the root of physical issues. No matter what you are experiencing, careful thought and planning is incorporated to create a combination of treatments to best suit every client.







A Focus on Cancer


The first step for cancer patients is energy work throughout the treatment phase to help with anxiety, sleep, nausea and to provide emotional support. 


After treatment other methods are incorporated to continue the healing process.











What to Expect in a Session with Sue


In our ever changing world we have a growing need to find alternative ways to keep ourselves healthy and happy. Serving as a guide along your path to enhanced wellness, Sue incorporates specific complementary healing methods for your individual needs.

                           The results are amazing!



Energy Work


Healing Touch and Reiki uses gentle, light or near-body touch to clear, balance, energize and support the human energy system to facilitate and support healing. Energy work is also very powerful as a preventive and health maintenance tool.


Distance Energy Sessions are available. Sessions begin with a discussion and intention on the phone. Next, we hang up, you relax and I do the work. When complete I will call back and discuss the results. These sessions have been very effective especially through Covid.


Energy work is an especially effective aid in:

  • Pain reduction and relief
  • Deep relaxation
  • Promoting a sense of well-being
  • Reduction of anxiety, tension and stress
  • Facilitating wound healing (after surgery or injury)
  • Headache & migraine relief and more . . . .





Aromatherapy is an ancient healing art that has been in use for over 6500 years.


Essential Oils are used in most sessions at Three Sisters Holistic Health although it is an optional choice.


Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of plant-derived, aromatic essential oils to promote physical and psychological well-being. It is used in combination with other therapeutic techniques as part of your holistic treatment approach.


                                                                                 Only the highest grade Young Living Essential Oils are used.




MAT - Metaphysical Anatomy Technique




The purpose of MAT is to empower people as quickly and easily as possible by resolving the original cause of blocks and limitations that keep them from leading a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.


As you change the patterns that keep you responding in a habitually negative way, your blocks and limitations automatically change as well.








How people’s lives have been touched



“I met Sue at a course she was teaching called Rekindle Your Divine Connection. Little did I know the connection that was opened that day would continue to unfold so many positive happenings in my life.


Sue Scudder is a gifted and powerful health practitioner who fills me with wonder during each session.  Sue truly has a connection with the Divine energy that flows through and around us. Where there was once doubt or fear there is now confidence and courage, where there was loneliness now there is joy, passion, growing friendships and relationships. New adventures await me around every corner, with nature and life unfolding every day before my eyes. Sue helped me find my rudder so I now bravely navigate my path through life. Because of Sue my light shines bright.”


Sarah G  Evergreen, CO





“I first learned of Three Sisters Holistic Health and Energy healing through a good friend who thought the sessions might help with all of the mental and physical issues I was having after being diagnosed in March 2013 with melanoma cancer. I must say I was rather skeptical.


I had my first treatment a few weeks after my surgery with Sue Scudder and I can honestly say that the treatment and support I received from Sue was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The sessions I had with Sue really helped restore my balance and release so many negative thoughts and emotions I was having about cancer. The sessions were peaceful, spiritual, helped the healing process and extremely positive.


After my one-year checkup with my oncologist I was supposed to have a full body PET scan but my doctor told me I was doing so well that I did not need it. I was really surprised how supportive they were about the Energy sessions I was having with Sue.


Sue is so gifted and the Energy sessions have been the most positive and powerful experiences I have ever had. I would certainly recommend Sue Scudder to anyone – especially someone who may be going through the effects of cancer. I will always be grateful to Sue for helping me get my life back in order.”


Frank D Cherry Creek, CO

“My time with Sue has been life changing both emotionally and physically. I had suffered from severe pelvic pain for months. This pain caused me to be unable to stand to prepare a meal at the end of the day. After trying multiple medicines, my doctor ordered an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed enlarged and cystic ovaries that were abnormally shaped and an enlarged fluid filled uterus that was also abnormally shaped. The diagnosis was unclear but the verdict was that I needed a hysterectomy. Because of my history of cancer, my medical team decided to do this sooner rather than later and the surgery was scheduled quickly.  Shortly after this diagnosis I went to see Sue. After my first session with Sue my pain was improved by 60%, and by the end of the second session the pain was manageable without medication. I continued my work with Sue and when the pathology report came back after my hysterectomy it showed a completely normal uterus with no signs of fluid or abnormalities!”


Jen K. Evergreen, CO










Where does the name Three Sisters come from?


Traditionally grown together by Native Americans, corn, beans and squash are known as the “Three Sisters.” In a mutually-beneficial arrangement corn serves as a natural trellis for the beans, the beans convert the sun’s energy into nitrogen and helps enrich the soil over time, and squash shades the soil, keeping weeds out and moisture in. Similarly, natural rock formations, mountainpeaks and water falls share the name of Three Sisters on a global basis. In honor of the majestic beauty that surrounds us on our planet, Three Sisters Holistic Health focuses on working in service to the collective consciousness of our human family in all parts of the world.












             Three Sisters Peaks

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