The Voice Across The Veil


Powerful Messages From Beyond

That Give Us All Hope


a true story . . .


Remains a Best Seller in NDE & Channeling categories!


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The Voice Across The Veil is an introspective journey of authentic personal experiences providing comfort and inspiration that bridge the veil between our physical and spiritual worlds.

Sue Scudder nearly died when her body had an allergic reaction to general anesthesia. In clear and detailed language she describes her experiences, and more importantly, the effect on her life: “…the experience awakened an insatiable curiosity about the other side of life and all things mystical.”


"After my memorable out-of-body adventure I had a new appreciation for life . . . and a new understanding: we as humans and the spirit world are very closely connected. I had gone from a physical being to a spirit being and back again, in twenty-four hours, coming out more integrated on both sides of life. I was the same person. Here and there, I was still me. Who I was never changed in either form."

Sue Scudder’s journey provides profound insights into the spirit world, afterlife, souls in transition, past-life memory and the angelic realm. Perhaps you will recognize similar experiences in your own life.

Mandala art throughout the book by Sophia Rose