Music by Sue Scudder

"Music has the ability to touch us in ways nothing else can. So is the same for Spirit energy, which is an innate potential inside each one of us."


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Sue Scudder's introspective collections have a simple, yet complex quality that will take the listener to a quiet place within.




One mind, One purpose . . . .World Peace


A collaboration with internationally recognized instructor/presenter Donna Aazura combining her spoken word with Sue's original music. The intention of this meditation CD is to create compassion and a unified purpose toward world harmony. This beautiful guided meditation for world peace is intended to connect meditation circles around the world.

Gold Artist Award/ Hi - Fi Internet Radio


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SACRED FRIENDS, is created in celebration of the Earth, its people and the mystery of realms beyond. This introspective collection, written, arranged and performed entirely by Sue Scudder features gentle and refreshing melodies on piano accompanied by flute, strings and light percussion.


Review: TAXI, World's Leading Independent A & R Company.

"Sacred Friends is solidly crafted in vein of classic new age material. Effective layering. Intriguing in terms of fusing a classic New Age approach with material reminiscent of Native American music."




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Sue Scudder's CELEBRATION OF LIGHT is a musical interpretation of nature inspired by her affinity for the beauty nature provides. Her performances on piano accompanied by flute and strings are complemented by sounds in nature.

Celebration of Light CD
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Instrumental original creations on piano, strings & flute.

"Seek joy in the simple beauty nature has to share"