New York, New York



The Voice Across the Veil Vol. 4 No. 18


by Sue Scudder


Reviewed by Barbara Snow

Books that give us insight into our lives become friends we revisit. The Voice Across the Veil, by Sue Scudder, is such a book. Increasingly, quantum physicists document the holographic and multi-dimensional nature of our world, while literature on verifiable, near-death experiences corroborates those concepts with personal anecdotes.

Sue Scudder nearly died when her body had an allergic reaction to general anesthesia. In clear and detailed language she describes her experiences, and more importantly, the effect on her life:

‘…the experience awakened an insatiable curiosity about the other side of life and all things mystical.”

Yet it was 19 years before the call came to begin the assignment given, a memory blocked until then.
“You are to help others crossing from one side to another, just as you are experiencing.”

Souls would be drawn to her through her music and vibration. A gifted pianist, Scudder must work through intense discomfort to share her music. Also she must write a book triggered by a heart-breaking tragedy.

Human partners were given to her: three other women with related gifts who “showed up” to do the work. Scudder’s description of releasing souls locked in this dimension to transcend to Source is clear and humble. One group had been her beloved community in a prior life. As Scudder describes how this past life was revealed, you may be reminded of similar situations in your own life. This riveting segment shows the reason for her remembering: to free souls from that life still trapped by trauma.

The second part of Scudder’s story begins with the tragedy that broke the heart of an entire mountain community and resounded across the country. Scudder comments:

“…I realized the reason for my memory loss. Had I known nineteen years ago that, as a result of painful tragedies, I would be assisting and communicating with ‘dead’ people, what would the last nineteen years of my life been like? Looking around every corner – what is the tragedy and who might it affect? Writing a book? I am not a writer! I would surely have lost my mind. It was a good and righteous thing to have had my memory erased for a time.”

Prepared by her prior work, Scudder knew how to help. Her vivid account may comfort you and encourage your own process of growth and service. The messages from the other side are clear:

“Think hard about your choices, as they make huge differences in the long run. As we become more connected with each other in a spiritual way, our loving thoughts alone will begin to make a shift in the consciousness of the world. We can heal the earth just by our loving thoughts and intentions. As we change our perceptions, we will consciously change the way we live…”

The courageous young spirit who continues to help from the other side insists, “Love, love, love, it cannot be said enough.” Scudder’s honest questioning of her helpers on the other side produces insightful responses to philosophical and practical questions. The information in this book can serve your own spiritual evolution. The validations that help us all include (1) awareness of the multidimensional nature of reality, (2) the love and support available at all times by simply asking, and (3) the eternal nature of our own individual essence. Sue Scudder’s book, The Voice Across the Veil, consists of true stories showing what fully integrated spirituality looks like. You will be informed, uplifted and inspired.