Author, Musician, Holistic Health Practitioner



All the things I share are interconnected. As a child I thought everyone could see colors around people and know what they were thinking. Music was my lifeline at a very early age. It amazes me to watch life's events unfold - one connecting to another, weaving an intricate web of perfect design. It is easy to see the connection of all things.



I began to study the healing arts after my near death experience in 1988. During that experience I visited the Akashic Records, not even realizing where I was. I stood before seven incredible Master Teachers and was instructed to write a book about the eternal spirit that would cover events that hadn't even taken place yet. After nineteen years The Voice Across The Veil was completed.


As my awareness developed I became conscious of the need for Spirit Work to bridge the gap between our seen and unseen worlds. - As a channel and clairvoyant I use these gifts to provide comfort and healing to all aspects of life. As a result of my near death experience, I am greatly inspired to help those who are grieving, bringing them peace of mind by connecting with loved ones who have passed to the spirit world.



It is no surprise that I was drawn to Soul Realignment work. An amazing intuitive healing modality that utilizes the Akashic Records to unlock our Soul-level potential and clear negative karmic patterns held there. You will learn about your Divine nature, where you came from and why certain patterns keep showing up in your life. Clearing these blocks and restrictions at such a deep level will allow you to make the best choices for your highest potential.





As a holistic health practitioner, educator, an internationally recognized musician and author, my mission is to promote and facilitate healthy living by empowering others to overcome limitations and live in their highest potential. I am dedicated to focusing my clairvoyant work in service to the collective consciousness of our human family in all parts of the world. One of my passions is to provide support and comfort to individuals with cancer.


Over thirty years of experience utilizing several modalities in the holistic

health field. The following are used in my practice:


Healing Touch Energy Work - L5

Clairvoyant Energy Medicine

Metaphysical Anatomy Technique

Rapid Growth Technique

Usui Reiki Master

Integrated Healing Techniques IHT, created by Sue Scudder

Soul Realignment Akashic Record Readings

Aromatherapy, Extensive Use of Essential Oils, Releasing Emotional Patterns, Raindrop Technique

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Earth Centered Healing

Bachelor of Science, MS - Nutrition and Holistic Health


Member Associations:

Healing Touch Professional Association

LifeSpark Cancer Resources

National League of American Pen Women Association - (Letters & Music)

Boulder Healing Arts Association

HOLISTIC HEALTH PRACTITIONER and owner of THREE SISTERS HOLISTIC HEALTH in Conifer, Colorado.  For more information see Three Sisters Holistic Health page.